What is ransomware?


What is ransomware?

The reports indicate that hackers are charging$ 300 for a locked computer via ransomware. If you don't know, ransomware is a type of malware that when enters into a system, restricts access and charges a value of “rescue” so that the user can re-access it. For example, when you click or download a malicious file, the computer of one company is completely compressed via encryption. The companies practically do not have how to get back these files, unless you pay the amount set by the attacker — usually in bitcoin. A modus operandi is sophisticated, refined, that does not leave traces, marks, or trails of who did it.


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Minister back and says that the government does not want to limit internet fixed

On the night of last Thursday, the 12, the minister of Science, Technology, Innovations, and Communications, Gilberto Kassab, said that the internet fixed the brazilian would no longer be unlimited up to the end of the year. On the morning of Friday 13, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) said the contrary, and that the minister had committed a mistake. Today, the ... Read more...

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